Superior Court Clerk Divisions

The Superior Court Clerk's Office is composed of 4 basic divisions:


Judicial Division

Staff Includes:

  • Deputy Clerks
  • Certification Office Staff
  • Criminal Division
  • Appeals

Division Functions:

A) Civil Cases

(a) Damage Suit
(b) Malpractice
(c) Name Change
(d) Legitimation
(e) Garnishment

B) Domestic

(a) Divorce
(b) Alimony
(c) Child Custody
(d) Child Support
(e) Modification or Support

C) Land Condemnations and Land Disputes

D) Adoptions

E) Felony Criminal Records

F) Subpoenas for Court Attendance

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Real Estate Records Division

Staff Includes:

  • Real Estate /Record Room Personnel
  • Data Entry Room Personnel
  • Microfilm personnel

Division Duties/Functions:

A) Deeds:

a) Chatham County Property Deeds
b) Cancellations of Mortgages
c) Assignments to Mortgages

B) Trade Names
C) Partnerships
D) Plats to Subdivisions and Condo Floor Plans
E) Financial Statements (UCC's)
F) Military Discharges
G) Liens:

a) State Tax Liens
b) Federal Tax Liens
c) Hospital Liens
d) Material Mans Liens
e) Lis Pendens

H) Licenses:

a) Doctor License to practice medicine
b) Attorney License to practice law

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Financial Division

Staff Includes:

  • Cashiers
  • Bookkeepers

Division Functions/Duties:

A) Filing Fees for Cases
B) Filing Fees for Deeds
C) Deed Tax Collection
D) Criminal Fines
E) Financial Statements
F) Copy Card Monies
G) Routing collected funds to required state and local agencies

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Child Support Records Division/Office of the Receiver

Staff Includes:

  • Part Time Receiver
  • Deputy Clerk
  • Case Managers

Division Functions/Duties:

A) Child Support Collection, Distribution and Maintenance on cases not subject to being paid through Georgia Family Support Registry
B) Child Support Petitions from District Attorney's Office of Child Support Enforcement Office
C) Child Support Contempt actions from District Attorney's Office of Child Support Enforcement Office.
D) Data Entry of child support cases and pleadings entered into county data base for retrieval and updating

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Other Office Functions

  • Notary Public Commissions
  • Certified Records
  • Record handling /microfilming and maintenance in safe environment
  • Case number assignments
  • Judge assignments
  • Pleadings
  • File Maintenance/storage via Administrative Services

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