State Court Fee Schedule

Effective March 16, 2011 (Reference: Ga. L. 1989 Vol. 2 -- Page: 3876)

All Civil Actions or Civil Suits require a filing fee. (See below) The term Civil Action or Civil Suit applies to all actions, cases, proceedings, motions, or filings of a civil nature. Any post-judgment proceeding filed more than 30 days after judgment or dismissal in an action shall be considered as a new case.

OCGA 15-6-77(e)(2) - Filing Fee (include $1.00 Clerks' Retirement; $5.00 Law Library) $58.00  
OCGA 47-16-61 - Sheriff's Retirement Fund $1.00  
OCGA 47-14-51 - Clerk's Retirement Fund $1.00  
OCGA 15-23-7 - Alternative Dispute Resolution Program $7.50  
OCGA 15-21A-6 - Peace Officer, Prosecutor & Indigent Defense Fee $15.00  
OCGA 15-21A-6.1 - Judicial Operations Fund Fee $125.00  
Any Post-judgment proceeding filed more than 30 days after judgment or dismissal in an action requires a new filing fee.
(OCGA 15-6-77(e)(1))
Serving copy of process and returning original, per copy $50.00  
Serving summons of garnishment or rule against garnishee $50.00 $6.00
Serving process to dispossess tenant $25.00  
Dispossessing tenant or intruder $25.00  
Levying an attachment $50.00  
Each Levy or Writ of Fieri Facias $50.00  
Service of Subpoena $10.00  
Search and return of Nulla Bona ($20 Sheriff; $7.00 Sup. Ct; $5.00 State Court) $32.00  
MISCELLANEOUS FEES: First Page Additional
Uncertified copies per page (if no assistance is required) $.50  
Uncertified copies per page (if assistance is required) $1.00  
Uncertified copies transmitted electronically - 1st page $2.50 $1.00
True Copy - 1st page $1.25 $.25
Certification or Exemplification of Record - 1st page $2.50 $.50
Computer Printouts - Per Page $2.50  
Issuing Subpoena $5.00  
Issuing Certificate of Pending or Unsatisfied Judgment (OCGA 40-9-40) $3.00  
Preparation of Record to Court of Appeals or Supreme Court - per page $1.00  
Filing Transcript of Evidence and Proceedings (if no copying required) $35.00  
Issuing a Writ of Fieri Facias (FiFa) $5.00  
Any document requiring cross-indexing, per document (Example: Amended FI FA)   $2.00
Cancellation of Writ of Fieri Facias (FiFa) per Book and Page $7.00  
Transfer to another county (plus any mailing costs) $50.00  
Clerk's Certificate (includes Driver's License Suspension pursuant to OCGA 40-9-61) $2.50  
Alias Fieri Facias $12.00  
Record Search $3.00  


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