Court Administrator

Court Administrator  

Clerk of Court / Court Administrator: Brian K. Hart
The Clerk's office provides all support functions for the State Court as prescribed by the laws of the State of Georgia and orders of the Court. It is the official repository of the Court's documents and maintains records of all Court proceedings; civil and criminal as well as those administrative matters handled by the Court's Traffic Violations Bureau.

The Clerk's office also provides complete administrative support for judicial operations of the Court. The Clerk, as agent for the Court, receives, records and disburses all fines, fees and surcharges ordered by the Court as well as funds held in escrow arising out of associated civil proceedings. All Monies collected by the Clerk are accounted for and disbursed daily according to law and orders of the Court Order.


Suite 501
133 Montgomery Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
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Phone: (912) 652-7224
Fax: (912) 652-7229

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 9927 
Savannah, Georgia

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