Juvenile Court Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Juvenile Court located?
The Chatham County Juvenile Court is located at 197 Carl Griffin Drive off of Chatham Parkway.

What are Juvenile Court's Operating Hours?
Normal business hours for the Juvenile Court are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Where are Juvenile Court payments made and what forms of payment are accepted?

Payments can be made in person at the Juvenile Court located at 197 Carl Griffin Drive or they may be mailed to that address. If payments are mailed, please make sure you reference the case by file number or the child’s name and date of birth so proper credit can be given. You may make a payment in cash, credit/debit card or by money order. Do not send cash by mail.

How do I obtain a court-appointed attorney for a Juvenile Court Case?
You may apply for an attorney by completing an application (available at the Chatham County Juvenile Court); and providing documented income verification. Other questions may be answered by calling 652-6717. Download the application for a court-appointed attorney on our forms page.

Will the attorney and I meet before the hearing in Juvenile Court?
If approved, you will be notified of the name and telephone number of the attorney appointed to your case. Any meetings will be arranged between you and the attorney.

I received a subpoena for a Juvenile Court Case and don’t know anything about the case. Can I be excused?
You will need to contact the Attorney whose name appears on the subpoena.

I am the victim (or witness) in a Juvenile Court case, how can I find out what is going on with my case?
You can contact the Victim Witness Assistance Program office at 652-6735.

I haven’t received a restitution payment on my Juvenile Court case. How can I find out the status of the restitution?
The Juvenile Court disburses collected restitution two times per month. If a payment has been made on your restitution, you will receive a check. If a juvenile is not making payment toward restitution, officers are taking steps to remedy that situation. You can contact the cashier’s office or the assigned officer to verify the status of the case.

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